A Couple Cooks on the TODAY Show

Click to watch the video clip of our appearance on the TODAY Show! We cooked up the red and green enchiladas recipe from our cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking (order it today!).

A Couple Cooks on TODAY Show Food

Our first cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking was named one of the best vegetarian cookbooks by Epicurious and best healthy cookbooks of 2018 by Mind Body Green. And it was our great honor to appear on the TODAY Show on the TODAY Food segment to cook up one of the recipes from the book. Here we are on set right before our segment (see the video above!).

What recipe did we cook?

What food did we cook on the TODAY Show in front of the entire country? (No pressure.) The recipe chosen by the TODAY Food crew was our Red and Green Enchiladas. It’s a recipe that was inspired by the Christmas enchiladas on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We did a lot of research into enchiladas and came up with a method for making both red and green sauces sauces that’s pretty simple and pretty healthy, too! The filling for these vegetarian enchiladas is delicious: sweet potatoes, cheese, black beans, and green chilis for some tang and a back end heat. For this recipe, we recommend making it with a friend or family member and you can whip it up in a breeze!

What’s it like to cook food on the TODAY Show?

Cooking food in front of the entire nation on the TODAY Show is no small task! However, the producer and crew made it an incredible experience. When we arrived in New York City, we had a dress rehearsal the night before at 30 Rock. The food stylists set up everything on set so we could do a walk through and get comfortable in the kitchen.

The day of our segment, the food stylists had all the food cooked, styled and in place on set. After Alex and I got through hair and makeup, we got mics and earpieces so that we could hear the hosts tasting the food on a different stage. After the countdown, we cooked our way through the enchiladas, walking through the different stations that had been prepped for us. Hoda Kotb was the most gracious host, and all of the TODAY Show hosts were incredible to work with!

Let us know if you try our red and green enchiladas recipe! The entire book is available here: Pretty Simple Cooking